Sharing our passion for pizza with you

What started in the garden became our business...

Hi, we are the Flying Pig Pizza Company

Based in Leyland at the heart of the northwest the family run business is run by two brothers Martin and Dave that share a love of good foods and good times! The other members of the team are all family.


Having become interested in diversifying into some new venture, we observed the growth of street food and with our love of cooking & entertaining, the seeds of mobile pizza business were sown.

First stage was to test the water & find out if we could do it & wanted to do it. So, an oven was built in the bottom of the garden after a bit of trail and error away we went.

We were constantly entertaining family and friends and getting rave reviews and feedback and continually researching how we could do it, including 2 ‘fact finding’ road trips around Italy. The product we were confident in but how we were going to bring it to a wider market??? Trailer, Panel Van, Restaurant Etc etc etc? Eventually we decided on the van but not before we had begun to think of a name. The research and trials took so long that family and friends were doubting it would ever happen. One night over a couple of glasses of wine we were challenged that ‘Pigs will fly’ before you get that business off the ground!

And so……………………..The Flying Pig was born!